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I work with SMEs, small businesses and organisations towards releasing their potential.  Growing a company and moving it to the next level is hard work.

Do you know where you want to go? Would you like some help getting there?

My services include:

Coaching & Mentoring

Focusing on your Business Goals whilst understanding, you have personal goals as well….read more


Bringing together groups of like-minded independent business owners facing similar challenges with just mutual support in mind, facilitated by an expert…a Mastermind group (find out more).

Strategic Business Review

Most of us are comfortable focusing on the day-to-day running of our company, but every so often, it is important to take time to think strategically…find out how to engage in a Strategic Business Review.

Programmes and Projects

Perhaps you need a Business Plan or are launching a new product or website.  These are some of the projects I help my clients work through.  Would you like some help with a Programme or Project?

Non-Executive Directorship

“The onlooker sees most of the game”  Would you like an objective, insightful observer view of your business?  More about appointing a Non-Executive Director.

Strategic Consulting

Strategic Planning & Strategic Thinking, not always the first thing for small businesses to spend their time on, but essential for moving to greater success.

Does your team need some training or an introduction to Strategic Thinking?

What constitutes a Strategic Plan?  What difference does it make to a business?  If you would like to know more, let’s have a brief introductory conversation, no guarantees, no charge, just an honest appraisal.

Contact me for more details…

Non-Executive Director

Another way for the Owner of a Small Business to get some support and input at the highest level is to appoint a Non-Executive Director.  In some ways a similar role to a Business Coach or Mentor, but with a more strategic view.

Having served on a number of boards, in both executive and non-executive roles and also having been a school governor, I bring an insightful, objective and questioning perspective in support of business success.

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