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Round about now you should be up to full speed for the year, right?  After the turkey and the chimes of the New Year, the children back to school, it’s all your time once more.  Nice idea!

Your time might not really be your own, but it is time to get the year off to a fast start.

But January is a bit like a Monday morning.  For some, its full steam ahead, tasks flying off the ToDo lists, for others it can be ‘now what was it I was going to do today?’

Which one are you?

Personally, I find getting started can be a challenge.  I’m also not a morning person and I am probably up to full momentum around the time the school bus pulls up in the afternoon.  But I am getting better with the use of task lists.

The skill is to write the tasks in a way that emphasises the result.  For example, instead of “send invoices” I now write “invoicing to bring in money”.  Instead of “call prospects” I write “calls to fill diary”.

A reporter came across two stone-masons working in a church yard.  He asked the first what he was doing and the reply was “I’m chipping the corners off this stone”.  So the journalist went to the second and asked him.  Although the second stone-mason appeared to be doing exactly the same work, his answer was “I am part of a team repairing a magnificent monument to God….by chipping the corners off this stone”.  (Abridged somewhat, but I’m sure you get the point.)

The moral, keep the end game in mind.  It makes us so much more productive.  Which is why people like me (helping, coaching, mentoring others) emphasise vision, passion and goal setting so much.

What are you passionate about within your business?

It doesn’t need to be saving the world, it is OK to be passionate about making some small item for sale.  It is almost certainly not money.  But it may be something that only money can buy.

Those of you who have taken advantage of our GPS to Success will have seen me ask, what lit your fire last year and what did not, within your business.

In order to keep your momentum up through the weeks and months, remember those things that do “light your fire” and make sure you liberally sprinkle them throughout your task lists.

Those of you who are leaping into the year with renewed vigour and enthusiasm, did you set lofty targets, are you clear on where you are heading?

If your energy wanes or you are one of those who agree with the Boomtown Rats, and “…Don’t Like Mondays”, put something dramatic in your diary for Mondays (and January) to get your heart and blood racing.

When my work life was all about setting and attending sales appointments day-in, day-out, I would always try to set an appointment with an existing client on a Monday or if not, at least start my phone calls on a Monday with an update call to one.  A familiar face (or voice) always set me up for a good week.

How do you kick-start yourself, in the morning, on a Monday or in January?  Let us know below or over on our FaceBook page.  Let’s see who has the wackiest idea for self-motivation?

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