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I don’t mind looking at the accounts to help me determine future strategies, analysing figures to see what is working and what is not, but recording transactions, entering petty cash vouchers…yukkk.

I get a kick out of creating a new page on our site, but I consider routine admin on the site a boring waste of creative time.

What do you enjoy about your work and what do you find tedious?

But you also know some of those tedious jobs are necessary, so when do you do them?

In one of my first sales jobs, we had a high intensity work environment, open plan office with about 30 sales folks blazing away on the phones.  Clients came in to see us and although it might have seemed difficult to have client conversations in such a hubbub, on the whole our clients loved the buzz and energy.

That was great and we sold a lot, so after many of the visits by clients and potential clients, we had to complete paperwork, order forms, commission claims etc..  But there was a rule.

After 5!

One of the mantras of our sales manager was “after 5!”.  If he saw anyone fiddling with paper, pen in hand, he would cry out across the office “after 5!”.  This of course meant paperwork should wait until the working day was over.  In our case, we were dealing with clients throughout their working day, so 5 o’clock was ‘their’ knocking off time.

When to do the paperwork?  When our customers or clients are not looking for us.  If you are dealing with businesses, this probably also means after 5, but if dealing with individuals, you may need to be available during the evenings.

Great idea, except of course, with children to look after, “after 5!” may mean after bedtime…

In the diary

Keeping working hours for working with customers is cool and will work for some businesses, but for many, days do have to include other tasks.  And some of those tasks are the boring ones or tasks that challenge us.  (Perhaps sales and marketing tasks for example.)

How do we programme ourselves to do the things we would prefer to put off?

Answer:  Put them in the diary.  Set aside times for chores.

Some people run their whole working life according to their diary, broken down into 15 minutes segments perhaps.  Setting aside time for every task day by day.

For most of us, this is a bit too much.

But if you find yourself getting behind with essential but boring, uninspiring or challenging tasks, book them in.  Give yourself some time to complete them.

Whether you use ToDo lists or some other form of keeping on top of tasks, the diary is a great way of avoiding putting them off.

You can procrastinate tomorrow, right now you have work to be done, like it or not…:), in order to fulfill your dream.

P.S.  Bye the way, if it really is Book Keeping and Accounting that is getting in your way, you might like to check out a Fabulous programme for Sole Traders from our good friend Georgi at Starfish Accounting.  Designed for solopreneurs who need to do it themselves for now, but also need to be efficient with their time.

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  1. William Martin
    5 years ago

    You’re talking here about how we use “discretionary” and “non-discretionary” time. This varies form individual to individual and company to comany (your “after 5” example illustrates this – after 5 was “discretionary time”).

    Time and the ToDo list are always in conflict – I teach abou tthis in my Time Management Course.

  2. kirri
    5 years ago

    I detest book-keeping. I did however get a ‘friendly’ call from the Tax office a few weeks ago and I have now scheduled in 30 mins a week to review my accounts and business ‘paper-work’. Yes it took a small stuff-up to get me more organized but just another reminder that if I don’t schedule it, it usually doesn’t happen!
    kirri recently posted..Reflecting on the 14 Day Meditation challengeMy Profile

  3. Debbie
    5 years ago

    We like bookkeeping! Especially online, “cloud” bookkeeping. New technology and cloud computing are making it easier and more accessible for everyone to keep thier own records up to date, which is essential if you are running your own business. And if doing your books is not for you (after all that is probably not what your business is about), then you need the right help to make sure you know exactly where you stand with your debtors, creditors and the taxman.

    B-T-W Kirri, HMRC are rarely “friendly”, and the new records check they are offering has already led to some nasty and avoidable penalties for failure to keep proper accounting records. It definaltey pays to keep up to date.

    • Terry
      5 years ago

      Thnx for your comments, Debbie. It’s always good to hear about professionals in this type of arena. I should point out that the comment you refer to about being friendly, was from an Australian Mum…perhaps they are luckier over there. I have had good responses from HMRC, but there again, I haven’t yet crossed them. 🙂
      Terry recently posted..How is your business doing? 15.7 carrots and four thirds, thank you.My Profile

  4. Bisola Adewuyi
    5 years ago

    I can’t say I hate book keeping as I’m an accoutant by trade, its a matter of getting into the routine of it. Its something that has to to be done, how else would you get to do the interesting financial analysis for the future, if you haven’t recorded some of not so interesting transactions of the past – the trick is to find an effective and effiecient way of doing it, or perhaps get an expert on board.

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