How to achieve goals

How to achieve goals
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Setting goals is important, but having set them let’s have a look at how to achieve goals.

My last article was about setting goals.  It seemed like a solid step, but only the first one.

So I need to give you a bit more.  The first step of how to achieve goals.

You have divided your goals into headings.  You have listed more goals under these headings.  You have posted them on the inside of your bathroom door.  (Higher enough for the kids not to take down.)

Now you are reading them every time you visit, right?   Remember if you have more than one bathroom make a couple of copies and put one on each door.

My questions to you.

Are these goals the only ones you will ever have?

Will you have more things that you want to do, have or see?

The answer to both these questions is yes, no doubt.   Time goes by and we have to add to new goals to our lists, delete some perhaps and tick off those we achieve.

The importance of ticking them off will be in another article.  One step at a time.

So when you have other things that you want to do, have or see, you have to be ready to pop them on the list.  Have a pen ready next to your list(s).

There’s more than just reading them

The next part is to translate your goals into a picture.  You may not be a Van Gogh or Andy Warhol but you can draw.  Even if they are stick pictures.

You have written them and now you are going to draw them.  Grab some paper, or small, white or coloured.  Find a pen, pencil, felt tip or some crayons.  Basically anything that makes a good clear mark on paper.

Take one of your lists from a bathroom and settle down with your paper and pencils.  (Something to do while chilling in front of your favourite TV program.)  Now just draw, colour and label your list.

Do what you like.  Make it personal to you.  Anything graphic.  If you can’t fit it all on one, make another.  Enjoy it.  Have fun.

Now you have a list and a picture. Don’t forget to pop them back in the bathroom.  The list you should read while you have a moment in there, but what about the picture.  Its not to stare blankly at.  “What am I going to do with this?” I hear you say.  Well this is the funny, silly part.  As you are behind a locked door it’s quite safe.  The reason it’s funny and silly is to get it buried in your sub-conscious.

So this is what you are going to do!

When you have finished reading the list (and washing your hands) take your picture and look at it while you jump up and down for 10 seconds.  Be careful, there may not be much space there to jump around.

The key is to look at your picture with activity and with a smile on your face. It can be the biggest cheesy smile or a cute little grin but you have to tell your sub-conscious that it’s a positive thing.

Looking at your picture while jumping up and down, or even just wriggling about if you don’t have space, and reading your list with a smile, will get this process set in stone.

How long do you keep going with this ritual?

Well you keep doing it.  It’s one of those positive things that will change your outlook and it will start to change your life.

You will see results and they come quicker than you expect.  So why would you want to stop it?  When you start to achieve is the goals on your list, why are you going to change a process that works?

If you are in the habit of eating the right things and doing exercise you will stay fit and look great, why would you change this by eating badly and stopping activity?

The reasons to tick off your achievements are to follow in the next few days, but get these amazing steps done to start the achievement process.

Remember to have fun with this process.  It’s your future.  Share some of your fun below.

Bringing goals to life like this is just the first step to how to achieve goals.

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