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Do you practice goal setting?  “Start with the end in mind” (Stephen Covey, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People) is a great way to plan and act.  Many people talk about goal setting, but if you have never done it, could be a great time to start.

Another day starts, juggling our business with the kids and the house.  We can do it but the mission is to keep all the balls in the air because when one ball drops the rest will follow.  Then getting them back in the air is another mission.

We have our dream to run our own business.  We have many reasons for this dream.  It could be, not having a boss to answer to!  Being there for the kids!  Able to keep the house straight!  Earn our own money!  The list goes on.  To keep the energy going we have to keep in mind and focus why we started the business.

We know it is challenging when we are being pulled in different directions.  Wanting to be successful in our business and looking after the family.  To achieve the best for both there are collections of things to keep in mind.

I constantly find myself, like many of you, doing just this.  I have a deadline to hit in the business and a child who needs me to be around.  What do I do?  Am I able to do both?  How important is the deadline?

A challenging time for sure.  What I now know is I am able to do both, hit the deadline and be with my children.

My children are young men now, but some years ago I found myself a single Mum and totally responsible for my own income.  I had to work this out.  Throughout the years I have practiced the following process, and kept my dreams alive as well as obtaining my own work-life balance.  But most of all I feel great about the way things are and am able to be ‘me’.

While in the midst of running our businesses and looking after the family we seem to get lost in the process.  But we have to remember we are the most important person in the equation.

To get back to an amazing place we need to do spend a bit of time on us.  I know, I know, you are probably saying (or just feeling) you don’t have time but I can guarantee its time worth creating.  Oh, for me this is a given, I can create the time for whatever I really want.

I’m going to share with you my technique for keeping your personal mission on track as well as ensuring you don’t lose ‘you’ in the process.  Sound good?  Cool.

We are going to work through these together and have some fun.  I know this works as I have done this for a long time and have shared it with many.

The mission for this exercise is to keep the energy up when times get tough.  What is that song?  ‘When the going gets tough the tough get going’.  Well this will help you stay the course and get all that you are aiming for.

Goal Setting

Well let’s have a little chat about Goal lists.  Whether you have written down any before or it’s your first time the reason for goal writing is to know what you are aiming for.  What you want as the end result of your efforts.  Once you have your desires written down we will pop them into a plan.

It’s like going on a trip somewhere you don’t know.  Do you set off without making a plan.  It could be that you have the post code and you tap it into the Sat Nav or you get directions off Google Maps but either way, you have to first know your destination, then you can draw up your route, or plan.

OK, get yourself a really nice book and pen that you like, or if you must open up your PC.

First divide your life up into areas.  As many areas as you can.

E.g.  My life can be divided into

  • Me
  • Children
  • Husband
  • Animals
  • Garden
  • House
  • Work
  • Fitness
  • Holidays
  • Hobbies

Now against each of these areas, make a list of everything you want or want to achieve.  For example, under house there are things that you want to do and achieve.  It maybe move house.  If so you need to write down what you want in that new house.

Are there things in the home you wish to do?  One of the items on my list is to de-clutter the kitchen cupboards.  Not very exciting but I see it as a necessity because it’s in my head and its going to bug me until it is done.

Currently, under ‘Me’ I have “a diamond ring bought myself” just because it makes me smile.

Keep adding to your list.  Get it all out there.  The things you want to do, the things you want to have, the feelings you want to feel.  Things you want to see, Sounds that you want to hear.  Oh and things you would like to touch.

Once done all you need to do is read the whole list through regularly.  At least twice a day.  A great place for it is on the back of all the toilet doors.  Its a place you will have a couple of minutes every now and then.

After a while you will have them so engrained in your memory when you are woken up at 3am one morning and asked for your goals you will be able to repeat them.  Maybe after a few other choice words.

But more importantly, once they are set in your mind, your subconscious works on them all the time.  Your subconscious will start to develop for you ways to achieve your goals, rather like putting the post code into the Sat Nav, miraculously a route plan appears.

Whether you have set your goals out like this before or not, do leave a comment below as to the result this time and how you felt during the exercise.

More about Goals coming soon.  In the meantime, tell us below your experiences of goal setting.

Originally posted on MumsandBusiness.com