Business SatNav for 2017

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As we enter the New Year, here is the #1 tool for getting off to a great start

Avoid Small Business Failure
in 2017

Will 2017 be more of the same or do you know what to do differently?

Every year small businesses fall by the wayside. Why? In most cases because of a single ‘dirty’ word “Plan”. No plan for weak cash flow, no plan for sales, no plan for risk mitigation and no plan for success.

Put in a more exciting way, do you have a clear Strategic Plan?

If you don’t know where you want to get to, or don’t know where you are, which way are you going to turn?

By looking over the past year and checking what worked and what didn’t (and why), you will know exactly where you are. Now compare that with where you want to be and your path will come into focus.


I have been advising and helping companies of all sizes for over 20 years. I’ve also founded several and worked in fast growing enterprises.

Grasshoppers Don’t Walk is all about helping people release their Amazing Potential. For the last 5 years I have been focused on helping smaller and embryo companies get started and grow.

We are presenting an easy-to-use, quick Review and Planning Guide to help you summarize the year and focus on your strategies for next year.

Your Business SatNav for 2017

  • Simple Workbook to walk you through the process
  • Easy to follow notes
  • Review the Year – where am I and how did I get here?
  • Re-state your destination – where am I supposed to be going?
  • Set your Strategy – what is my optimum route forward?
  • Action plan – what shall I do to get there?

Business SatNav for 2017Have you ever woken up and wondered “how did I get here…”? Perhaps not since your days of ‘young, free and single’. But many of us in business fly by the seat of our pants, take each day as it comes and then wonder why we are
not further ahead.

Well now is a great time to take stock and align your New Year action plan with your long term goal and your strengths.

You’ve probably heard the old saying “People don’t plan to fail, they just fail to Plan”. Well at Grasshoppers Don’t Walk, we don’t want this to happen to you.

“Setting a plan for my success with Terry is exciting, sometimes challenging, always fun and highly productive. I’ve been through the exercise with Terry each year since working with him and the business continues to grow rapidly and in a very focused way.”

Georgi Rollings, Starfish Accounting and Virtual Starfish

Have you done any real strategic planning since you wrote your Business Plan? (Did you even write one?) And have you looked at it since, to see how closely you are keeping to it?

Grab your copy of this straight-forward Workbook now and set yourself up for a Great 2017.

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Some years ago, I worked with a Strategic Consultancy firm. We helped major corporations get themselves out of ruts just like this. We had huge success with companies like Pepsi-Cola, Diagio, Oracle and governments in a number of countries including Dubai and Malaysia. We used a method that was so solid, the companies we worked with found renewed focus and incredible results.

So how could this apply to small companies? Was it only possible with a diverse management team and resources? At that time, yes!

NOW it IS possible for you too.

We have redeveloped this principle, this method, to offer small companies and lone-preneurs a way to achieve breakthrough results. By following a systematic but simple guided thought process, the brilliance and focus that is already within YOU can produce a fabulous plan. A route to take to move everything forward in the right

PLANNING IS A DIRTY WORD. In the same way men don’t ask directions (not always true, honest), entrepreneurs don’t want to waste time planning. “Let’s just get on with it, too much to do.”

It is easy to think this way because there is no common, well known planning ‘system’ that will always offer a sound plan, quickly.

We wouldn’t head off in the car to a new destination without some idea of the route, would we?

When we are lost and we pick up a map or switch on the SatNav, what is the first thing we do? Determine where we are on the map, your “current location”. Then locate our destination and, just like our kids and the maze puzzles they learn so early, we find the quickest way from a to b.

It is not quite so easy in business as there is no map for OUR business. We have to create it for ourselves.

Well now you can draw your own map and find your way, quicker than ever, with our…

Business SatNav for 2017

Business SatNav for 2017Corporations pay thousands for this system. £15,000 to learn the system and upwards of £45,000 to apply it under guidance. It always proved worthwhile and they kept coming back year after year. So I thought it was time it was made available to smaller businesses.

Once you have worked through this whole system, you will have:

  • A clear idea of how much time and money you need
  • A clear idea of the outcomes you should expect
  • A clear idea of where improvements or efficiencies will be required
  • A clear idea of what to do tomorrow and beyond to have…
    A Great 2017 and avoid Small Business failure

This system is now in a Workbook guide and will be priced at:


But I am offering it through Grasshoppers Don’t Walk at just:

BUT if you order right now, you can get the Guide to Fabulous Success in 2017 for:

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“I went through this process with Terry. It was simple, challenged my thinking from time to time, but I came away with renewed confidence and a much clearer focus. Next year is going to be Awesome”

Becky Lane, Fitness with Becky Lane and Movin’ Monkeez

The ‘paralysis of good ideas’! Shiny Baubles. Ideas come to us but sorting the good ones from the distractions can be tricky.

Use this Guide to walk you through the process and ensure your strategies for 2017 are leading you to the success you deserve.

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  • Review your year to celebrate your achievements and highlight lessons learned
  • Identify your key strategies for 2017
  • Develop an exciting Action Plan for the coming year

Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
Really simple. If you are not blown away by the value of this Workbook, let us know within 30 days and we will refund 100% of your money. We want you to be hugely successful in 2017 and spending money for which you get no value is not part of that plan.

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