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“Hi…I’m Terry. Some years ago, I had an idea…


… As you will see in my bio’ further down, I have worked with, advised and taught a huge number of people and businesses over the years. But something struck me over the years. Almost every individual I have helped to move forward or grow has so much more to give. Why do most people never reach their full potential?

I have worked with many corporate teams, but many of the team members seemed stifled. I have worked with business owners and latterly many of these are Mothers, but so many seem to deserve results beyond those they had seen to date. What was holding all those people back?

So my idea is that we ALL are born with amazing potential and this actually grows inside us, but so many never work out how to release that potential.

Grasshoppers Don’t Walk was launched to change this.

Now I must tell you up front that I don’t claim to have all the answers. I’m not sure any one person does. But I am here to help YOU find your answers, to help YOU release your AMAZING potential. This will be a team effort and I will involve others in as many ways as necessary to find the answers for all those who really wish to take off.

As a Father, I am dedicated to support my girls to release their potential, as I am sure most parents are. Watch this space…”

Grasshopper /ˈgrɑːshɒpə Noun

When it wants to jump, the grasshopper contracts its large muscles behind the knee slowly, bending its hind legs at the knee joint. A special piece of material (cuticle) within the knee acts as a spring, storing up all that potential energy. When the grasshopper is ready to jump, it relaxes the leg muscles, allowing the spring to release its energy and catapulting its body into the air.

My bio…

Author of “Sell? I Don’t Sell”, Terry has guided hundreds of sales and customer service professionals and business owners to achieve higher success, and has captivated audiences with his humour and humility. His advice and techniques combined with humour and insight will motivate and encourage.

Terry’s book is aimed at non-sales people and business owners, who often don’t see themselves as salespeople.

As a single Father, Terry is well aware of the challenges facing those who try to run a family and a business in parallel. “My Number 1 priority, my youngest daughter, reminds me everyday that life is not all about business.”

Founder of Axxentor, SelTrak Training in Malaysia and a certified trainer for the Mastery Institute, he has worked with all types of businesses from door-to-door vacuum cleaners to government departments, from beauty services to micro-light aircraft. He has spoken in front of thousands, across 4 continents and numerous countries. He has managed, taught and coached selling and other business skills for nearly 30 years.

In a career that has included the British Navy, financial services, software as well as business consulting, Terry has held senior corporate executive roles in general management, sales and customer service. From the age of 13 and throughout his career Terry Murphy has taught and coached in subjects as diverse as gymnastics and seamanship, strategic thinking and sales.

“I have worked with people from Europe to Africa, from the Middle East to the Far East. Now my over-riding passion it is to see people release their amazing potential!”

Why do I do what I do?

Like you, I have to put breakfast on the table. But more than that, I believe the most worthwhile thing I can do is to assist others to be their most worthwhile.

My Promise to you

“I can’t promise I can help, but I promise I will try, very hard. Let’s have an introductory conversation, a look at the situation, no commitment and no charge.

If I think I can help and you are a good fit for the way I operate, I will tell you. If I don’t think I can help, I will tell you that too.”

What you get with me

These are my core values. Could you work with these?


The experienced onlooker sees the game differently from the player.
An objective, detached view of your business, warts and all, could discover positives, negatives, opportunities you aren’t fully aware of at present.
Might you profit from that?


The trick is to find someone you can trust, who’ll tell you what they see and how they see it.

Not anyone who happens along, of course, not even just someone with experience of the business world in which you operate – it needs someone who can think through what it takes to succeed at your level, who’s been there and done it for himself. I’ll employ that analysis and be candid with you about whatever I find. Could you handle that?


Analysis precedes challenge.

I will challenge you at every level to discover the best way forward for you and your business. Together, we’ll seek out better solutions, find smarter answers.


So this is my solemn commitment to you:

   -   to research, exhaustively, you and your business, and to build with you a relationship that leads to greater prosperity and success. You’ll be investing in your future.


It’s not necessary for a collaboration of this sort to be a grim process of tedious self-searching – it’s important you re-kindle the fun of going to work.

When you enjoy business, as I do, lightness, creativity, don’t lessen our prospects of success: they enhance them.


This is a quality my clients can best speak to on my behalf.

As you will see from above, my commitment is always to go the extra mile, always to be there for you: reliably, consistently, steadfastly. Would you welcome some steadfastness in your professional life? If you would, please call or mail. I’ll be glad to make your acquaintance - no ties, no pack-drill!

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