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Release Your Amazing Potential

Helping SMEs and organisations in one of two ways:

1   Those who know where they want to go, but

don’t know how to get there


2   Those who know what to do today, but

 don’t know where they are going longer term

How I Can Help

Strategic Business Review

I am asked to conduct Strategic Business Reviews because it is difficult to do this by yourself.

An outside, objective view will challenge you to think about areas perhaps you took for granted and examine each stage in a way that will bring out new ideas and valid conclusions.

Programmes & Projects

Perhaps you need a Business Plan or are launching a new product.  These are some of the projects I help my clients work through.

What is your next ‘scary’ project or marketing programme?  Do you have all the bases covered?

Would it be valuable to have a quick audit or outside view to see if there are any gaps or contradictions?

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Non-Executive Directorship

Another way for the Owner of a Small Business to get some support and input at the highest level is to appoint a Non-Executive Director.

In some ways a similar role to a Business Coach or Mentor, but with a more strategic view.

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Typical Client Profile

You are the owner / manager of the company.  You have a turnover upwards of £500k, more than 10 staff supporting a small management team.

Yours is quite a young company and has grown well in recent years, however things have slowed and you want to re-vitalise growth and push ahead to surpass the £1m turnover mark.

You believe in doing the right thing for your customers.

My Promise


“I can’t promise I can help, but I promise I will try, very hard.  Let’s have an introductory conversation, a look at the situation, no commitment and no charge.

If I think I can help and you are a good fit for the way I operate, I will tell you.  If I don’t think I can help, I will tell you that too.”

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